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Within My Walls

Within my Walls is about four families, all living in the same suburban street, who share something in common - some form of elder abuse. We enter their lives in intimate, delicate situations that are usually kept behind closed doors.


A film commissioned by the Ethnic Community Council of Victoria as a community education resource on elder abuse, in seven languages.

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You Can Do I Can Do

Three people,

three carers,

three cultures;


Dreams, passions and obstacles for people who live with disabilities.

Living With Dementia - A Vietnamese Fami

Living With Dementia - A Vietnamese Family Story

Three generations of women from a Vietnamese family deal with the onset of Grandma Lanh's dementia

A multi-modal film, digital and print resource commissioned by Alzheimer's Australia, addressing cultural differences and norms in making the best decision for Lanh's care.


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Each Grain of Rice

Each Grain of Rice is a rare chance to experience Dieu Giac, an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; a day in the life of the 120 children and Buddhist nuns who make it home.

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Road Trip

A national comedy tour with Damien Callanan and Micky D, that travelled to remote towns all over Australia.

Each time we had 48 hours to create and perform a brand new combined film and live comedy show, made with and about, the local community.